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Unleash Bank Reconciliation

The new Sellsy module that makes the link between your bank and
your accounting even stronger

It Only Takes 1 Minute to Understand

 The added value of this new module lies in the reconciliation of a bank entry with a Sellsy document. Indeed, the manual addition of regulations is a source of error. This module allows our clients to secure and optimize their collection and accounting processes for both receipts and expenses. 



Cyril Michel

 Victor Douek

 Chief Financial Officer,     Sellsy

Sellsy bank reconciliation balance overview

One Interface for all of Your Bank Accounts

Now you can synchronise all of your bank accounts on Sellsy.


All transactions and balances will be visible from your bank reconciliation module. Managing multiple accounts is a matter of a click, so no more logging into multiple portals and remembering passwords.

Crystal Clear Cash Flow View

Get a cross-checkable vision of your cash flow.


View the list of invoices that are in "paid" but which have not yet been linked with a bank transaction in any of your bank accounts. 

Quick Suggestions Make Transaction Linking Painless

Sellsy's smart suggestions track your bank transactions and compare them against your sales documents (invoices and purchase orders).

Just work down the list and click the tick each time we get it right, and your transactions will be linked without having to search and compare manually. 

Your Accounting Ally

The Sellsy bank reconciliation module allows you to generate accounting codes for all the activities in your account (salaries, taxes, rent on your premises, etc.)


Easily export all your accounting entries and make your accountant's job elementary.

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Get an in-depth walkthrough of where Sellsy bank reconciliation can add value to your activities and speed up your day-to-day. No obligations - we promise. 

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